We manufacture the components, as per the custom made drawings & specifications such as Relay Cover, Impellers, Bobbins, Bend control, Tray wedge, Trumphest, Mastic Positioner, PVC Pipes and fittings and Unique Half Round Plastic system for Rain Water Harvesting Products.

Industrial Products :

HIPS – Bobbins
Noryl – Ejector Body, Impeller & Diffuser
ABS – Bend Control, Trumphet, Tray Wedge and Mastic Positioner
PP – Filter Body

Rotary Switches
  • AC Switch Range : 6 Amps - 400 Amps
  • Touch Proof / Rear Termination / Screwless Terminal switches
  • Mountings : Standard front panel / Rear / 22.5 mm / Din rail / Mix & Match
  • Safety feature : Center Key Lock, Pad lockable, Door Interlock.
  • Custom built switching configuration.
  • DC Switch Range : 16 Amps to 500 Amps upto 250 Volts DC
Load Break Switches
  • Load Break (Isolator) range from 16 - 125 Ampere
  • Upto 8 pole can be offered
  • Multiple mounting options
  • ABS / Aluminum / sheet steel enclosures
  • Add on pole - Power / Neutral and Auxiliary pole can be offered
  • Changeover switches upto 4 pole from 25 to 125 Amps
Cable Ducts
  • Type A - Snap fit cover
  • Type B - Non slip cover & Positive locking
  • Wide range of sizes from (15 x 15 mm) upto (150 x 150 mm)
  • Various slotting styles - Standard, Thin, Oblong, Circular etc.
  • Various Colour options & Custom built profiles can be offered
  • WFlame retardant UL V0 material
  • RoHS & Halogen Free Ducts are also available
Terminal Connectors
  • Standard Ranges from 2.5 - 95 sq. Mm
  • Universal mounting
  • Standard terminal connectors, Miniature, Double Level & Triple Level connectors
  • Fuse terminals, Earth terminals, Test & Disconnecting terminals, connectors with electronic components & Distribution terminal Blocks
  • Accessories-End plate, End Clamp, Marking ferrules shorting links & Din rails
  • Accessories-End plate, End Clamp, Marking ferrules shorting links & Din rails
Toroidal Transformers
  • Range : Single Phase 15 VA - 30 KVA , Three Phase 1 KVA - 120 KVA
  • Compact, Dimensionally flexible, Energy efficient
  • Easy mounting, Low stray magnetic fields, Reduced transformer hum
  • Options : Thermal Fuse / Switch , Magnetic Shield
  • Custom built Current transformers , Inductors & Chokes
  • In Technical Collaboration with Plitron Inc. Canada
Relays & Contactors
  • AC & DC relays ranging from 3 to 80 Ampere from 1 to 4 pole
  • Silver contacts for enhanced electrical life
  • Miniature, General purpose, Power & Automotive relays
  • Status indication through LED
  • Termination via Solder, PCB mounted, Plug-In and Screw type terminals
  • Relay Modules
  • ERDA Tested & Complies with JSS standards
Limit / Foot Switches
  • Limit switches : Available in Normal / Snap action types
  • Precision limit switches : 1 NO + 1 NC / 2 NO + 2 NC
  • Operating force : From Light to Heavy duty applications
  • Versatile mounting heads
  • Rugged aluminum die cast housing
  • Foot switches : With Guard / Shielded versions Twin switches also available
  • Zinc die casting housing available on request
Modular Switches
  • Contemporary & Aesthetically Sleek Switches - 10, 20 & 32 Amps AC
  • Silver Nickel contacts for enhanced Electrical life
  • Manufactured using High grade Engineering Plastics
  • Safety Features : Anti Spark shield & Finger Protected Switch Terminals
  • Captive Screws & Snap fitment for Easy Installation
  • Wide range of Communication & Power sockets with safety shutter
  • Specialty products viz. Movement Sensors, Shock protectors, Shaver Socket,
  • Key Tag Switch, Programmable Timers, Remote switches, Touch Switches etc.
Energy Saver
  • Guaranteed Energy Saving on Outdoor Lighting upto 32 %
  • Reduces Operation, Maintenance & Replacement Cost by 30 %
  • Increases Lamp Life by 25 %
  • Reduction in Carbon Emission
  • GSM Wireless Connectivity to Central Monitoring Station
  • Generates Energy Saving & Lamp failure reports, Sends Alert Messages on faults
Automatic Metering Reading - AMR
  • Accurate estimation of Line Loss ( Technical & Commercial )
  • Automatic bill generation & E-billing / Payment facilities
  • Remote Connect / Disconnection of Power Supply
  • Retro-fitment, Instant Alert messages in case of Meter tamper
  • Guaranted, Secured Periodic (30 Minute's) Data Transfer using GPRS
  • Supports Prepaid / Post-paid Payment Scheme's
  • Application : Townships, Utilities & Industrial Energy Management System
Custom Built Products
  • Automotive Relays Series ABR
  • Medium Power Relays
  • General Purpose Relays - 5/10 Amps
  • General Purpose Miniature Relays - 3/5 Amps
  • General Purpose Miniature Relays - 30/40/60/80/100 Amps
  • PCB Mounting Relay 5 Amps 110 Amps
  • PCBMounting Relay 20 Amps (C/O) 30 Amps
Motor Control Products - Contactors

Standard Contactors

  • AC & DC contactor ranges from 9 to 105 Ampere
  • For 9-25A - 4 Pole ( 3 + 1 ( NO/ NC) )
  • For 32-105A – 3 Pole
  • AC Coil Ranges for 9-105A Contactor – 12V to 600V(50/60 Hz) DC Coil Ranges- 12V to 250V
  • Silver Alloys contacts for enhanced electrical life
  • Compact in size
  • Panel and Din rail Mounted
  • Reversing & Non reversing Contactors

Accessories for 9-105A Contactors

  • Side Mounted Aux Contacts ( 2NO, 1NO1NC)
  • Side Mounted Mechanical / Electrical Interlock
  • Front Mounted ( 1NO, 1NC )
  • Wiring Module – 6 variants
  • Surge Suppressor – RC Type & Diode Type

Mini Contactors & Control Relay

  • AC & DC Mini contactor ranges from 7 to 16 Ampere
  • For 7-16A - 4 Pole ( 3 + 1 ( NO/ NC) )
  • AC Coil Ranges for 7-16A Contactor – 24V to 600V(50/60 Hz) DC Coil Ranges- 12V to 250V
  • Silver Alloys contacts for enhanced electrical life
  • Compact in size
  • Panel and Din rail Mounted

7-16A Accessories

  • Aux Contacts – 4 Poles
  • Mechanical Interlock
  • Printed Circuit Board Link Module
  • Wiring Module – 2 variants
  • Surge Suppressor – RC Type, Diode Type, Varistor Type
  • Electronic Timer – 9 Ranges


  • Standard : IEC 61095 , IEC 60947-4-1
  • Suitable for applications in general control , heating & lighting applications.
  • Ratings available : 20A , 25A , 40A and 63A from single pole to 4 poles.
  • Coil voltage : 24V AC , 48V AC , 110V AC and 230V AC.
  • Din rail fittable
Motor Control Products - Over Load Relays
  • For B1 rating ( Mini Contactor ) - 0.28 ~ 17A
  • For B2 rating ( Std Contactors 9-25A) – 0.28 ~ 32A
  • For B3 rating (Std Contactors 32- 40A) – 25 ~ 50A
  • For B4 rating (Std Contactors 50- 80A) – 40 ~ 80A
  • For B5 rating (Std Contactors 95-105A) – 63 ~112A
  • Trip Class 10 for reliable and accurate protection against overload conditions
  • Single phase sensitivity to protect motors against damaging phase loss conditions
  • IP20 guarded terminals prevent accidental contact with live parts

OLR Accessories

  • B2 Mounting Block
  • B3 & B4 Mounting Block
  • B5 Mounting Block

Motor Control Products - Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
  • Universal rating & marking: A, KW & HP rating with UL & CE markings.
  • Wide range of Relay scales.
  • Over load relay function confirms to TRIP clause10
  • Trip indication & visual discrimination between short circuit & over load tripping.
  • UL listed as Manual self Protected TYPE – E Combination Motor Controller, Short circuit rating - RMS SYS.50kA @ 480Y/277V, 240V
  • UL listed as Manual Self Protected TYPE – F Combination Motor Controller when used with Load side controller marked for use with product SC rating RMS SYS. 50kA @ 480Y/277V, 240V
  • UL listed as Manual motor Controller suitable for Motor Disconnect, SC rating RMS SYS. 50kA @ 480Volts, 25kA @ 600 Volts
  • UL listed as Manual Motor Controller suitable for Group Motor Installation at 240V, 480Y/277V, and 600Y/347V. SC Rating RMS SYS. 50kA @ 480 Volts, 25kA @ 600 Volts.
Wire Harness Assemblies

At SALZER Electronics, we specialize in custom wire harnesses. Our engineering and design expertise, manufacturing efficiency, quality oriented strategies, value added stocking packages, and unique testing applications validate SALZER Electronics as the perfect source to provide your harness requirements.

SALZER Electronics is uncompromising in our use of quality materials and detailed workmanship standards to design, develop, and manufacture wire harnesses. Our automated preparation systems allow us to produce your initial prototypes, and then seamlessly transition to production quantities. These procedures are managed to ensure your product is delivered in a timely manner, while guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

Our advantages include:

  • Customized Harnesses
  • Limitless Terminations
  • Over Molded Assemblies
  • Customized Build to Print Capabilities
  • Prototype & Pre-Production Units for Evaluation
  • Low Volume/High Mix
  • High Volume/Low Mix

Our wire harness proficiencies provide solutions to customers in virtually all market sectors and industries. We help our customers exceed their goals through an efficient system of methodologies designed to effectively produce and satisfy their harness demands. Given an opportunity, we will demonstrate why SALZER Electronics will become your premier provider of wire harnesses.

Cable Assemblies

If you are looking for a wide range of cost-effective cable assembly solutions, then look no further than SALZER Electronics. All facets of our customer service, including design and development capabilities and manufacturing, keep our customers connected and competitive.

SALZER Electronics uses the highest quality materials, components, and workmanship to design, develop, and manufacture various types of cable assemblies. Our automated preparation systems empower us to supply your prototype or production requirements in a timely manner.

Our advantages include:

  • Power Cords
  • Custom Cables Produced to Specification
  • Over Molded Assemblies
  • Customized Build to Print Capabilities
  • Prototype & Pre-Production Units for Evaluation
  • Low Volume/High Mix
  • High Volume/Low Mix
  • Tooling and Testing Development

Our customized assemblies provide solutions for virtually all market sectors. SALZER Electronics is prepared to help our customers achieve their goals through an integrated system of services that will foster a strong and collaborative relationship. We are prepared to be your most reliable and accomplished supplier of cable assembly requirements.

Engineering Services

Our diversified engineering staff includes mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, industrial engineers, and trained technicians skilled in providing guidance in material and component selection, as well as manufacturing and assembly techniques.

With more than 80 percent of a product's price and supply chain performance determined in the design and engineering phase, accessing the right partner for your design, engineering, prototyping, and production services is essential to the success of the project.

SALZER's design teams are dedicated to serving the product development needs of our customers. We provide an extensive range of assistance that complements our ability to efficiently manufacture all of your requirements. Our design and engineering group will become your single consideration for services that streamline product development and completion.

SALZER Electronics invests in new technologies, continually trains our staff, and practices reverse engineering to help produce and enhance quality products. We also offer multiple contract manufacturing services to help our customers reduce costs and improve overall satisfaction. Some of the services and equipment included in our efforts are listed below:

  • Research and Development
  • CAD Design
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering