PARAS products such as PBT Terminals, Rail Insulation Joints, Acetal Guide Bush & Ring & Nylon Brake Gear Bush are used for Signalling & Mechanical works.

Signalling Products (RDSO Approved items) :

Rail Insulation Joint of different size i. e. S2 Kg / 90R / 60 Kg., D-Clamp Insulation, Tongue attachment, Gauge Tie Plate, William Stretcher Bar, M-6 (25mm) Terminal,1 Way (60mm) Terminal, 6 Way Terminal, Fuse Block & 8 Way Terminal.

Railway Signalling Products (Non RDSO Approved items) :

Polycarbonate Covers for Relays and for Tag Block (All sizes), Potycarbonate L.ense for Led based Signal for Indian Railway and Malyasian Railway.

Railway Mechanical Products (RDSO Approval items) :

Acetal Guide Bushes and Ring, Brake Gear Bushes for coaches.